Wildflower Bag CAL 2015 – my strap

For those who have asked for directions to crochet the strap I made for my Wildflower Bag CAL 2015, here you go . . .

Materials used: Cotton (4), G/4.00mm crochet hook
Notes: the stitch count and length in the pattern is what I used to make the strap for my bag but all of it is adjustable and should be based on the yarn and hook size you use. The stitch pattern is below with directions for the strap as I made mine.

MAIN PATTERN STITCH – worked over 9 stitches and 2 rows
2sc, *skip 1 sc and hdc in next stitch, hdc in skipped stitch, 1sc in next stitch*, repeat between** one time, 1sc, ch1, turn.
Repeat this row to create pattern.

If you want to widen the strap, increase the pattern stitch count by 3 stitches and repeat Main Pattern Stitch in center pattern area (will be used for center pattern stitch).


Chain 7.
R1: sc in 2nd stitch from hook, 5sc, ch1, turn. (6sc)
R2-6: 6sc, ch1, turn
R7 (D-ring joining row): put end of work through the D-ring (front to back) and fold so end/beginning chain row meets current row. Work next row of 6sc being sure to work sc stitches through both front and back stitches.
R8-9: 6sc, ch1, turn
R10 (increase row): 2sc, 2sc in same stitch, 3sc, ch1, turn (7sc)
R11: (increase row): 2sc, 2sc in same stitch, 1sc, 2sc in same stitch, 2sc, ch1, turn (9sc)
R12: 9sc, ch1, turn

Begin Main Pattern Stitch  above and work until desired length then follow ‘end of strap’ directions below.

End Rows of Strap:
With WSRow worked –
End R1: 9sc, ch1, turn
End R2: 2sc, skip 1sc, 2sc, skip 1sc, 3sc, ch1, turn (7sc)
End R3*: 3sc,, skip 1sc, 3sc, ch1, turn (6sc) *(place marker at end of this row as it will be your guide for where to join with the last row of strap)
End R4-9: 6sc, ch1, turn
End R10 (D-ring joining row): remove hook and place end of strap through D-ring front-to-back. Bring end of work even to row with marker. At this point, you can either pull some yarn through the D-ring or cut off a long length and continue working the last row.

Working from the back of the strap, keep the working yarn end at front of work (rs)  and work 6 slip stitches – being sure to put hook through matching stitch on marked row when bringing loop through to work slip stitch. Finish off at end of row and work loose ends into work.


Hope this helps!

PS:  My strap is a shoulder strap measuring ~27″ D-ring to D-ring / 23″ of Main Pattern Stitch.


ORIGINAL CAL PATTERN – Thank you, Rebecca Langford!

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